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The Modern Dad Workshop

Early Bird offer: the first 5 bookings pay only £20

“I miss my old life”, “I always bring my work home”, “How can I afford the things I like AND a baby?” are all very common thoughts for new parents, your life has been turned upside down by the arrival of a brand new human and the upheaval, uncertainty and pressure can be overwhelming, but here’s the good news… you can do this!

I’ll let you in on a secret (and it may not feel like it at the moment), you already know what to do!

Through our 90 minute coaching workshop, with up to 14 other parents, you’ll create a powerful and exciting statement of the future you want to live into, explore what’s holding you back, find new ways to overcome and create concrete action points that will move you forward into that future.

You’ll also have the chance to connect with like-minded or like-situated people, all you need is a pen, some paper and an open mind.


12/09/2024 @ 19:30:00 (GMT)





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