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The About You Quiz

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Good to see you here, take a few minutes to tell me a bit about you, be as honest as you're comfortable with.

Once you've been through the pages, I'll email you a link to a free PDF resource with questions to ask yourself when things get tricky, a couple of grounding exercises and a template for one of the best coaching tools, the "Wheel of life", a great way to have a look at and focus on areas of celebration or potential growth.

What's your name?

Age range?

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Thank you , How are you feeling right now?

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OkOkSounds goodGood for youGreat News , tell me a bit more about that?

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Good to know , and thank you for your honesty.
Next, please order these areas of your life by importance to you?

Personal Growth

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On a scale of 1 - 10 please tell me how happy you are in the following areas?





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Good stuff, tell me what's going well in ?

And what's challenging in ?

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Thanks again. Now I'd like you to think about someone you admire (could be real, fictional, famous...), who are they and what 3 things do you admire about them?

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I'd like to know what makes you tick... what does a “perfect day” look like for you...

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Finally, if you needed to know what a Kosmoceratops was, would you rather:

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Thank you so much for playing along! One more question, would you like to be contacted about coaching, how it works and if it's right for you?

Yes! Please contact me about coaching, I love the sound of it!

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And you're done!

Check your email for your link to my free download, give it a read, have a play with the questions, try out the exercises and let me know what you think about the "Wheel of Life"!